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Check back in 2020 to see if our family has grown.
AKC Grand Championship Major Pointed
(CH Devonshire Huckleberry Finn x Silver GCH Robnie's the Shoo Must Go On)

Stacy was from a planned breeding by our mentor and wonderful friend Bonnie at Robnie Labradors.
Her mother Slippers is Bonnie's half of the sister Act. Tragically, Bonnie passed away before this litter became
reality.  As we co-own Slippers with Bonnie & Robert, the task fell to us to continue on this spectacular line.  
Thank you to the AKC for allowing us to keep Bonnie on as the primary breeder.  Slippers welcomed her litter of
9 puppies just 3 months after Bonnie's passing.  We are proud to co-own this little girl with Dominque Stoeber.

We are so glad that Bonnie had the foresight to name this little girl before she passed.
Bonnie we miss you forever and always.  I hope you are proud of your newest Champion!
CH Robnie's Malibu
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(BISS CH Elhid's Average Joe x CH Robnie's Shoo-In, JH, WC)

Prada is a co-ownership with Robnie Labradors.  
Prada is out of their beautiful Sneakers (CH Robnie's Shoo-In, JH, WC).  When Robnie offered us the
chance  to co-own Sneakers and sign on as a breeder for this litter, well we knew we had hit the Labrador
Lottery!   This little girl has lived up to expectations and more.  Prada has that beautiful Labrador head, coat
and tail along with a temperament that is sweet & loving temperament.   
To Robert & the late Bonnie Anthony at Robnie Labradors....thanks for making our dreams come true!

Prada earns her Silver Grand Championship handled by Heather Bremmer in November 2017
under Dr. Steve Keating - the same judge who finished her championship in 2014!

2015 AKC National Owner Handled Series
Prada is the #1 Owner Handled Labrador Retriever in the USA.
Prada is tied for the #83 Owner Handled Dog in the Country!
(All Breeds)

Prada takes Best of Breed at the Eukanuba National Owner Handled Series Finale in Orlando, FL on Dec. 11, 2015

Oct 2017 - Prada is diving again and has earned her Dock Junior title with a personal best of 11 feet 6 inches!
GCHS Robnie's the Shoo Must Go On, DJ
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(Aster Liberti Labro Hamburg (Russian Import) x Harbor Run's Queen Beach, RN, CGC)

Chocolate - we finally took the leap!  Thank you to the Von Hagn Family at Russford Labradors and
friend/partner in crime Heidi Kellerman at
Harbor Run Labradors for this special little girl.  Thank you
Heidi for making an exception to your rule and allowing us to own this mischievous little stinkerbelle.
She has all the hallmark traits of a spectacular Labrador - head, coat and tail.  This girl has an abundance
of substance and a personality that won't quit.  Look for her in the show ring.
Russford n Harbor Run's
Spy Who Loved Me
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We never breed females under 2 years of age (nor do we breed to males under 2 years of age).  All parents over two years of age must be OFA hips, elbows, eyes and heart clear.
(BISS CH Elhid's Average Joe x CH Robnie's Shoo-In, JH, WC)

Slippers' is Bonnie's half of the Dynamic Duo.  While we co-bred & co-own Slippers with Bonnie at
Robnie, she was born at Robnie and resided with Bonnie and was the pick of the litter.  Slippers earned
her Conformation Championship at 10 months of age with 17 points, 4 majors and two Best of Breed
wins!  She followed that up by earning her Grand Championship at 12 months of age and was ranked
as the #15 Lab in the country for 2014 (before she turned two years old).  I will always be grateful (and
forever in her debt) to Bonnie Anthony, mentor and friend, for allowing us to co-breed this spectacular
litter with her!!  

Tragically Bonnie passed away in August of 2015.  This left a gaping whole in our hearts and she is
sorely missed.  Slippers' residence was with Bonnie's husband, Robert Anthony from August 2015 until
the end of April 2016.  Downsizing to a condo, Robert has placed Slippers' care in our hands.  Slippers
will spend her life her at Brookhaven while keeping the Robnie name alive.  

We are sure that Bonnie is smiling down on Slippers - as Slippers has a new title to add to her name.
GCHS Robnie's the Shoo Must Go On, DJ - Diving Junior!  Slippers had to one up her sister and skip
the novice title and go directly to Junior by continually jumping more than 10 feet with a personal best
of 12 ft 9 inches!
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Breeder, Silver Labradors, Silver, Champagne, Charcoal; Robnie;
Robnie Labradors; CH Sunspot's Lace Em Up, Lacey
GCHS Robnie's Pumped Up Kix, DN, DJ
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(BISS CH Stoneleigh's Into Mischief, TKN x GCHS Robnie's Pumped Up Kix, DN, DJ)

Sloane is from our pick girl from Prada's second litter.
She is littermate to Ferris from what we hoped would be our dream litter and the litter did not disappoint.  
Fate must have plans for this litter as the Sire, Dam and Litter were all born on January 7th!

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this promising youngster and her brother.
Brookhaven Kix the Dust Up
AKC Championship Pointed
AKC Puppy of Achievement
(BISS CH Paradocs Delians Scrubbing In x GCHS Robnie's the Shoo Must Go On, DJ)

Tish is the dog that Bonnie chose for me.  When this breeding took place my hope was to have a beautiful
yellow girl just like her mother.  As this was a Black carrying yellow sire bred to a yellow dam this should
have been a 75% yellow litter -- but no.  Six black puppies and one yellow who just happened to be a female
and the pick of the litter.  Bonnie planned it this way so I couldn't make a wrong decision.  Thank you
Bonnie, you sent me actually what I was hoping for and then some!

Tish can be found in the BBE class in the show ring!
Robnie's Shoo Fetish
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(CH Casbar's Hidden Dreams x Brookhaven's Special Destination)

Bunny is from our second and final breeding of London.  She was Debra McKinley's first pick from this litter
and we are proud to co-own this girl with Debra.  Bunny has a dynamite personality and keeps her house mate
Speedo on full alert!  We can't wait to see what the future holds for her and Debra.  Look for her in a show ring
at the end of 2018.
Brookhaven Fantasy's
Hop on a Dream
(CH Devonshire Huckleberry Finn x Silver GCH Robnie's the Shoo Must Go On)

Cheddar was a repeat of a breeding planned breeding by our mentor and wonderful friend Bonnie at Robnie
Labradors.  Her mother Slippers is Bonnie's half of the sister Act.  Cheddar is full sibling to Stacy.  We were so
excited about what Slippers and Huck produced in their first litter we broke our rule of never repeating a
breeding.  The litter did not disappoint.

Cheddar is co-owned & resides with Sally Sasser of
Teracroft Labradors.
We can't wait to see what the future holds for this little girl.
Robnie Teracrofts
Better With Cheddar
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