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In my opinion, no reputable breeder will ever produce a "silver"
Labrador.  I believe that the dilute gene required to produce a "silver"
Labrador was not present in the Labrador Retriever until someone bred a
Labrador to a Weimaraner and then registered them with the AKC as
purebred chocolate Labradors.  This same dilute gene is responsible for
"charcoal" and "champagne" colors as well and goes back to the same
original cross of the Lab and the Weim.

Labrador Retriever Club Inc. (AKC Breed Parent Club) takes the
following stance in regards to "silver" Labradors:


There is no genetic basis for the silver gene in Labradors.  The silver
color is a disqualification under the Standard for the breed.  
The LRC does not recognize, accept or condone the sale or advertising
of any Labradors as a silver Labrador.  
The Club opposes the practice of registering silver as chocolate.

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To the Membership —

As President of The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. I want to share information on
the status of the Club’s attempts to respond to the problem regarding the
registration of dogs as Labrador Retrievers with the dilute coat color identified as

In 1986 the Club attempted to have AKC deny registration of Labradors identified
with the “silver” coat color. That did not happen after an AKC representative
investigating the breeding facilities of the dogs exhibiting the dilute coat color
made the decision to categorize the color as chocolate under the “other” option
on the registration application. Subsequent generations of dogs carrying the
dilute gene remain in breeding programs, many bred to recognized titled dogs.

Scientific evidence has shown us that there is no evidence of a dilute gene in the
coat color background of the Labrador Retriever.  Despite the Parent Club’s
multiple attempts to request that the American Kennel Club deny full registration
to dogs exhibiting a dilute coat color, these dogs still remain in the breeding pool
and kennels focusing on dilute coat colors proliferate. At this time, our best
option to protect the gene pool for the Labrador Retriever is to encourage the use
of the DNA test to identify carriers of the dilute gene. I want to urge each of you,
especially those with active stud dogs, to have breeding stock tested for the
dilute gene and include the information in your advertising. I am also suggesting
that we add the test to the requirements for an LRC, Inc. Breeders’ Directory

Please share this with your local specialty club members. Comments can be
posted on the Club’s Members Only Facebook page https://www.facebook.

Fred Kampo, Jr.
President, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.